Secret Liaisons (Women in Hollywood) - Shelia M. Goss

Vivacious thirty-year old Mona Johnson has just received a promotion at work; one of her scripts has been chosen to be pitched, putting her closer to her dream of being a professional screenwriter. Now if she could just get over her attraction to her boss, the dashing and successful movie director, Terrance Beckham. Mona wants a commitment-minded man and Terrance is not known for dating a woman more than twice. Terrance wants a woman who wants him for the man he is, not his bank account or his industry connections. He is attracted to Mona but she is his employee!

Using aliases on an online dating site to solve their dating dilemmas both Mona and Terrance create profiles and find the perfect matches for them.  Meanwhile, after attending a Hollywood event together Mona and Terrance find their sexual chemistry ignites into a night of sizzling lovemaking. Terrance is convinced Mona is the only woman for him while Mona wants to explore a relationship with her online match. Will Terrance be able to win Mona’s heart before the ghosts of the past and a meddling relative block their happily-ever-after?

Goss delivers a fast, engaging and addictive read with enough angst and passion that grabs from start to finish. She does a great job of getting to the very heart of the couple and what drives and inspires them. Terrance is a good guy with an open heart who did not mind lending a helping hand to others when it is deserved. Once he set his heart and mind are making Mona his woman, his maturity shines through the rocky points in their relationship. Mona learns to let go of her self-doubt and gains her confidence so she can love openly with someone who will accept her for who she is. The chemistry between Mona and Terrance is blistering, but what makes the romance so sweet is the way they challenge and balance each other. This is one couple I was happily rooting for.

The cast of secondary characters and secondary storylines provides for some pulse-pounding intrigue and deceptions. The secondary romance storyline between Terrance’s mother and the Pastor wants a nice touch for those who enjoy the challenges and joys of a mature couple.

SECRET LIAISONS is the second book in the Hollywood Women in Hollywood series. Goss continues her theme of providing the reader with insights into the challenges of women balancing their professional and personal lives with realistic scenarios readers can relate to.  Smooth plotting and pacing provides a cinematic quality.

I recommend
SECRET LIAISONS to readers who enjoy romances which are sinfully sizzling as well as romantically charming with a dollop of trickery.