You Can't Hide Your Heart

Secret Relations (Women in Hollywood) - Shelia M. Goss

R&B star Sean “Mr. Naughty” Maxwell is in need of a new manager, and classy Charlotte Richards, one of Hollywood’s top talent managers, fits the bill with her impressive resume and curvaceous figure. Charlotte has worked hard to earn her stellar reputation and knows she is going to have to work even harder to keep her attraction to Sean under wraps. No sooner than the ink is dry on their business contract, a crisis arises where Charlotte innocently comforting Sean leads to a night of sweltering passion between the couple. Charlotte is determined not to repeat a mistake from her past while Sean now sees Charlotte as being much more than his business manager. Can this couple find their happily-ever-after with each other in both their personal and business relationships?

Goss has written a sweet and soulful romance of two strong-minded professionals learning how to come out on top in both life and love. Charlotte is a spitfire heroine whose stubbornness, holding on to her past almost crippled her from the man she desires. There were times when I just wanted to shake Charlotte to see how perfect Sean would be for her and just wanted some of that astuteness she showed in business relationships to apply to her personal life. Sean lives up to his role as a dreamy hero. I enjoyed his romantic wooing to win Charlotte over and often wondered when his patience would run out. Sean’s growing maturity and understanding his respect and love for Charlotte was unfolded in a realistic manner. While the chemistry between the couples at times seems lacking their journey of personal revelations and professional success will hold the hearts and attention of readers.

SECRET RELATIONS is the first book in the Women in Hollywood series and Goss neatly introduced readers to the scenery, politics, and secrets that are as fundamental to the premise of the series as any of the characters. Charlotte and her two girlfriends make up a strong loving support network and I look forward to reading their stories.

I recommend SECRET RELATIONS to readers looking for a romantic and entertaining storyline.