Heat in the Kitchen

Hot Summer Nights (California Desert Dreams) - Lisa Marie Perry

Perry has penned a luscious romance of two controlling personalities who learn being blind-sided isn’t a bad thing, sometimes the best surprises come out of it. Gabby has no regrets about her past and has worked hard to achieve her dreams. She is a perfectionist and controlling. The steadfast rules she lives by puts her in a quandary as her heart and head does battle once she meets Geoffrey. Geoffrey is all alpha male but once he makes up his mind to pursue Gabby he learns what is necessary to get her to trust him. His patience and magnetism allows Gabby to figure out how to pursue their relationship. I thought a couple of the scene transitions could have been smoother and vague references to past incidents slowed the flow but the couple’s personalities and antics quickly pulled me back into the storyline. The initial meeting between Gabby and Geoffrey is one of the best and hottest sexual tension scenes I have read. And all of their intimate scenes that follow sizzle and burn up the pages.

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS is the second book in the California Desert Dream continuity has the connecting theme revolving around the mysterious mishaps at the posh Belleza Resort and Spa and the three best friends female executives. Gabby has to deal with kitchen accidents while ensuring that Gabriel considers hosting events at the resort. The ambiance of the resort and diverse characters provide the necessary background to move the storyline along. The ending preps the reader for the final book in this trilogy.

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS is a delicious story as the readers watch the couple negotiate their pasts and indulge in a charmingly sensuous journey to their happily-ever-after.